ARITRI Computing

We provide consultancy, technology insight, research & development support, custom-build product and solution framework.

ARITRI Computing logo

Our Philosophy

We honor, pursue and maintain: Equality principle, Continued integrity, Commitment to progress, Attention to detail, and Clear communication.

Our philosophies are clearly communicated in our logo:[1]

Equality principle

Our logo is based on an equilateral triangle that spanned the edges.

Continued integrity

Our logo resembles a Mobius strip, which is a single continuous surface in a loop with only one side (surface orientation) and only one boundary.

Commitment to progress

Each slice of our logo can be worked for its area and these areas are forming an advancing series from the base in a clockwise order.

Attention to detail

While our logo is based on an equilateral triangle, the logo is actually sliced from Sierpinski triangle which is a fractal.

Clear communication

Our logo which has a simple form, look and colors[2] on it have speak for itself.

[1] You can also read our logo trivia we have posted on our official Facebook page.
[2] Our logo is actually painted in primary colors transformed through ITU Recommendation R-REC-BT.709 "Basic Parameter Values for the HDTV Standard for the Studio and for International Programme Exchange"

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